Coming soon: 61st Annual Meeting,
Jan 7th to Jan 10th 2021

The coming Annual Meeting will be entirely online right here on this website, substantially expanded, and free to all, with research presentations, posters, written and live discussion, a round table discussion of Afro-Andean themes, and more. Presentations and posters become available for early viewing on Saturday, January 2, 2021, and remain up through January 10. Live events are scheduled from Thursday, January 7, through Sunday, January 10, 2021.

Next step: Visit the 61st Annual Meeting page.

Past meetings

Programs and Abstracts

Videos of Selected Talks

Embedded thumbnail for Agricultural oasis at the southern puna: Ancient water management in Antofagasta de la Sierra (Argentina)
2020 Travel grantee talk by Lorena Grana, Marcos Quesada, and Victoria Arébalos presented by Lorena Grana
Embedded thumbnail for Archaeology and ritual at Sechin Bajo, Casma, Peru
2019 Keynote Talk by Peter Fuchs, Renate Patzschke, and Jesus Briceño, presented by Peter Fuchs
Embedded thumbnail for Ocupación Wari en el Antisuyo
2019 Travel grantee talk by Javier Fonseca
Embedded thumbnail for Los Morteros and Pampa de las Salinas:
2018 Travel grantee talk by Ana Cecilia Mauricio
Early monumentality, environmental transformations, and the creation of a preceramic ceremonial landscape
Embedded thumbnail for Nuevas propuestas acerca del desarollo urbano en Wari
2017 Travel grantee talk by José Ochatoma