You are welcome to contact the Editor, Dr. Robyn Cutright, at, with queries regarding potential submissions.

Most published manuscripts are 6,000 to 8,000 words, exclusive of abstracts, tables, notes, and references cited, or 8,000 to 10,000 words in total. We do not place limits on number of figures, but do not currently support supplementary online appendices or data files.


All submissions are electronic, in Microsoft Word format.

Initial submissions (prior to peer review) should include title, abstract, text, and references in a single Word document. Figures and tables can be embedded in the same Word file or sent as separate files (as described below for accepted papers). Initial submissions can be sent as an attachment to or shared with the Editor using DropBox ( or WeTransfer ( Lead authors will receive a pre-review survey asking them to affirm the IAS Code of Conduct and answer several questions about their manuscript prior to manuscript review.

For accepted papers, please submit separate files for the manuscript text, figure captions, and each table and figure. Please name all files with the author's last name, as in 'Cutright Figure 1,' 'Cutright Table 1,' or in multiple-authored works, 'Cutright et al Figure 1.'

Please place all files in a single folder with a title including the lead author's last name, and share the folder with the Editor using DropBox ( or WeTransfer (

The folder should contain files for:

  • Text of the paper, plus abstracts, bibliography, etc. Multiple text files are OK if each file is clearly named. Do not send text as a pdf file.
  • Figures, each in a separate file.
  • Tables, each in a separate file; please use Microsoft Word tables, not Microsoft Excel.
  • Figure captions.

Additional style guidelines for these elements can be found in the Submission Style Guide.

Dr. Robyn Cutright, Editor