To attend the live meetings, all participants, including presenters, poster authors, and panelists, must register by January 10 using their real names in the form below. 

We will send a confirmation email to the address that you specify. Click the link in that email to log into the website and set or reset a password of your choice.

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Registration will close on January 10, 2024 and a list of registrants will be posted shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, we cannot accept registrations after January 10.

Participants with safety concerns may contact the Community Resource Officer ( with justification for a request for an exemption from the public registrants list.

For information about the Annual Meeting, please visit the 64th Annual Meeting page.

In order to attend this year's Annual Meeting, all attendees will be required to pay a Registration Fee of $50 USD for professionals and $25 USD for students. Registrants will be directed to a payment page following submission of the registration/submission form that they will be required to pay the relevant amount or their registration will not be complete. Be sure to identify the appropriate amount for your payment ($50 or $25) and be sure to select the payment as being for the Annual Meetings in the dropdown menu that is available in the PayPal interface. All funds are much appreciated and go to support IAS' future programming and operational costs.

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