Presenter Discussion

Presenter Session 8: Subsistence and Political Economies in the Ancient Andes

Scheduled Time Sunday, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST
Berkeley, California
Related Submissions: 
  • Agustina Vazquez Fiorani, University of Notre Dame — Agricultural practices and the construction of villager’s worlds in the southern Andes (La Ciénega, Northwestern Argentina, ca. 200-800 AD)
  • Dr. Jo Osborn, Independent — Maritime Specialization and Economic Diversity at Jahuay, Quebrada de Topará (200 BC–AD 150)
  • Dr. Raven Garvey, University of Michigan — Prehistoric Human Occupation of Southern Andean Forests: Evidence from Alero Largo, Aysén, Chilean Patagonia

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