IAS Statement on Sexual Harassment (April 2022)

The Institute of Andean Studies (IAS) is aware of the concerning situation unfolding in Peru related to the reporting and investigation of sexual harassment in the context of archaeological projects. While many IAS members live and conduct research in Peru, such problems are relevant everywhere that the institute has members. The IAS condemns gender and sexual harassment or violence in all of its forms wherever it occurs. We declare our strong support for survivors of sexual harassment or violence and their allies. We want to emphasize our support for those who come forward, especially those in lesser positions of authority that denounce any form of gender harassment or violence. We recognize that the processes and procedures by which survivors can report harassment or violence do not always do enough to protect survivors or allow for open and fair processes for adjudicating such complaints. The IAS condemns institutions and individuals that attempt to silence survivors and strongly supports institutions who are committed to fairly investigating and responding to allegations of sexual harassment or violence. Core to the mission of our society, and explicit in our Code of Conduct, recently approved with overwhelming support of our membership, is the safety of all individuals who wish to participate in Andean archaeology, and particularly in the context of our society’s activities.  We support a safe, welcoming, and fair environment that facilitates learning and intellectual exchange and is free of: harassment, threats/intimidation and retaliation against individuals who intend to report or report violative conduct. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of scientific and professional integrity and ethics. The IAS is currently exploring a diversity of short-term and long-term ways in which we can support survivors of sexual harassment or violence in the diverse fields of Andean studies. We encourage those members interested in taking action in this effort, to join the Outreach Committee of the IAS.