Institute for Andean Studies


Please place all files in a single folder with a title including the lead author's last name. Share the folder with the Editor using DropBox ( ) or WeTransfer
( ).

The folder should contain files for:

  • Text of the paper, plus abstracts, bibliography, etc. Multiple text files are OK if eaach file is clearly named. Do not send text as a pdf file.
  • Figures, each in a separate file; we prefer jpg files, but pdf files are OK for initial submission.
  • Tables, each in a separate file; please use (Microsoft) Word tables, not (Microsoft) Excel.
  • Figure captions.

Please name all files with the author's last name, as in 'Moore Figure 1,' 'Moore Table 1,' or in multiple-authored works, 'Moore et al Figure 1.'


Generally follow American Antiquity style. When in doubt, consult the most recent issue of Ñawpa Pacha.


To download the submission format style guide, click here.